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The Minotaur is an incredibly fierce enemy that can be found at the end of The Maze. Players are also able to turn into a minotaur randomly by drinking a polymorph potion.

Stats Edit

Like the Satyrs, the Minotaur has a head butt attack capable of dealing a very large amount of damage. Unlike the Satyrs though, the Minotaur is also capable of attack with both his hands, making him especially formidable.

  • Attack: 14 (14) [51]
  • Defense: 30

Skills Edit

  • Life: Level 40 (300 Hit Points)
  • Axe: Level 30 (55 Accuracy, 30% increase in critical hit damage)
  • Head Butt: Level 25 (40 Accuracy)
  • Bind Wounds: Level 1 (12 HP/min)

Resistances Edit

  • Disease: 100%
  • Fear: 100%

Drops Edit

Trivia Edit

After having drunk a potion of comprehension, the Minotaur's death message, "Snort", is translated into "You Will Not Escape This Maze Alive!"

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