Players who hold Aberoth memberships will receive rewards after completing simple quests on set membership anniversaries. These quests require players to talk to Tavelor about a topic specified in the quest details. After mentioning the topic, Tavelor gives out the reward.

All item rewards are pre-engraved with the player's name, which prevents other players from picking them up when they are dropped on the tavern floor.

An alternating pattern rewards players with special abilities every 100 days and with items on days 25, 50, 75, and all other days ending in 50.

Membership RewardsEdit

Days Membership Held Reward                    
? Gingerbread Cookie
? Festive Hat
10 (Discontinued) Light Green Hat (Discontinued)
25 Long Rope
50 Pearl
75 Brass Keyring
100 Advanced Autogold
150 Drinking Ring
200 Goatee (male), Long Hair (female)
250 Long Leather Strap
300 Ponytail (male), Short Hair (female)
350 Sunstone
400 Customer Discount
450 Large Pouch
500 Public Announcements
550 Moonstone
600 Vault Inventory
650 Cage
700 Last Words
750 Coin Pouch
800 Philosophy
850 Faceted Stone
900 Introspection
950 Large Flask


Additional RewardsEdit

The following are additional membership rewards:
Access to Tavelor's Inn, which allows players to travel to different realms and also gain double experience in their focused skill through well-restedness when they log out there
10 gold discount when engraving items
Ability to influence the reputation of other players by commending or condemning them
Ability to send messages to players for 20 gold each.

To check the current status of a membership or see the number of days left until the next membership reward, type membership at any time. To receive details about any outstanding membership quests, type quests.

Memberships can be purchased at the Aberoth Store

Trivia Edit

  • The Pearl is the only membership reward that is not exclusive to microtransactions.