Master Alchemists are the masters of all alchemists. Two Master Alchemists can be found in the Orc Cave in a section just off the main part of the cave, commonly called the Master Alchemist area. The first Master Alchemist spawns in a large chamber in the lower part of the Master Alchemist area, and another spawns in a more remote location in the upper part of the area. Each is typically accompanied by 3 Orcs and 1 Alchemist. Master Alchemists have a drinking skill of 15 and can drink all but some of the stronger potions they carry. Their hit points are also around 130, so they can be tough opponents for lower levels. Each Master Alchemist respawns around 25 minutes after being killed.

Gurun will ask you to kill both Master Alchemists in the one of the quests for the Blunt Skill.

A guide for this boss can be found here.


Trivia Edit

  • When under the effect of the Potion of Comprehension, the master alchemist will say "Ouch!" when hurt and "Get out, leave our lair." when dying.

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