Making Camp is the action of logging out of the world of Aberoth. It takes a varying amount of time to successfully log out, depending on the area the player is currently in.

The 'Makecamp' command Edit

Players are able to log out by typing the command 'makecamp', 'camp', 'save' or 'logout'. This command will start the camp and will display an appropriate message at the top of the screen. Performing any action during the camp will cancel it and require the player to type the command again. After the camp has completed, the player is successfully logged out.

Players will also automatically get logged out when they are killed and will respawn in the Recovery room when they log back in.

Closing the game window Edit

After closing the game window or becoming otherwise disconnected from the server, players will automatically start making camp. However, it will take some time for the server to notice, that the player is not responding (around 15 seconds) and only then will the server start the camp. During that time, the player is susceptible to getting killed.

Logout times Edit

The time it takes to successfully make camp depends on the area:

Location Time Camp type
Orcish Prison 3 seconds camp
Starting Field 3 seconds camp
Bat Cave 30 seconds camp
Town 3 seconds camp
Grassy Field 30 seconds camp
Lysis 3 seconds camp
Rogue Den 1 minute escape
Stony Field 30 seconds camp
Black Bat Cave (Lower area) 30 seconds camp
Black Bat Cave (upper area) 3 minutes escape
Orb Room 30 seconds camp
Gurun 30 seconds camp
Orc Cave 60 seconds escape
Orc Cave (upper Master Alchemist area) 1 minute 30 seconds escape
Darklow 30 seconds camp
Grand Shamans Lair 3 minutes escape
Magerlin 30 seconds camp
Forest 1 minute escape
Wodon 3 seconds camp
Wolf Caves 1 minute escape
Maze 3 minutes escape
Desert 3 minutes escape
Desert Cave 30 seconds camp
Desert Tomb TODO escape

Respawning Edit

When logging back into Aberoth the spawn location of the player depends on where they have previously camped out. The general rule is, that players respawn at the last entrance to an area that they used before logging out. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, most of them to prevent unfair situations when respawning:

  • If the player logs out in the vault/guild vault they will respawn in the bank standing in front of the vault/guild vault door.
  • If the player logs out in the Rogue Den, they will respawn in the Grassy Field, standing in front of the town door.
  • If the player logs out after entering the Forest from the Wolf Caves, they will respawn at the Forest entrance leading to the Grassy Field.
  • If the player logs out in the Maze, they will always respawn at the entrance leading to the Forest, regardless of how they entered the Maze
  • If the player logs out in the Grand Shamans lair after leaving Magerlins prison, they will respawn at the entrance leading back up to the main orc cave.