Magerlin is found in the room to the north-east of the Grand Shaman room in the Orc Cave.

He has been taken prisoner by the orcs and will ask you to help him escape. You will need a Prison Key in order to get to his room.


Magerlin has a series of quests, all revolving around the Magic Skill. The minimum requirement to talk to Magerlin and begin his quests is to have a Life Skill of 10.

Attaining the Magic SkillEdit

        Quest Reward
1 Give Magerlin the Prison Key.

Fatigue     Ember

Scroll of FatigueScroll of Burning Ember

2 Kill 30 Disciples.

Healing Scroll     Summonwolf

Scroll of Healing Wind, Scroll of Summon Wolf

3 Bring Magerlin 12 potions of invisibility.

Blur     Embers     Detectperson

Scroll of Burning EmbersScroll of Blur, Scroll of Detect Person

4 Kill 20 Shamans.

Embers     Embers

Scroll of Burning Embers x2

5 Bring Magerlin 10 scrolls of teleportation.

Confusion     Scrolloffear1

Scroll of Confusion, Scroll of Fear

6 Bring Magerlin a Spellbook.

Detectmetal     Detectmetal     Detectmetal

Scroll of Detect Metal x3

7 Kill the Grand Shaman. Magic skill

Learning SpellsEdit

Magerlin is able to help you become proficient in a certain class of scroll at a time. Bring him a glowing scroll, and the next time you use that type of scroll, the chance of a perfect cast increases. After being completed once, this quest is repeatable in the sense that dropping any other scroll will change which spell you are training. You can only train two spells from your focused school per day.


Bring Magerlin 50 clubs, 25 orc scalps or 10 eggs (or a mix of the three; clubs give 2% quest completion, scalps give 4% and eggs give 10%),  and he will reward you with any random tier 1 or tier 2 scroll (excluding the scroll of teleportation) or a Casting Hat. This quest is repeatable, but does not give any experience.

Trivia Edit

  • His name is a combination of the words "Mage" and "Merlin".

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