Aberoth lysis1

Lysis, waiting in her hut

Lysis is a friendly NPC and witch who lives in self-perpetuated exile in her hut to the south of town. She buys and sells magical items, makes certain potions and amulets, and teaches the life skill.

AI BehaviorEdit

As a shopkeeper, Lysis will buy and sell most magical items such as rings, potions, scrolls, alchemist's belts, amulets, pan pipes, and wands of sleep, as well as any items she needs for crafting. She has the same prices as Sholop and gives better deals than Darklow, both charging less and paying more. She usually stands in the top-center of the hut, but she has several actions she may perform. She may destroy items by dropping them behind the bottom wall if there are too many. She may make items if she has the proper materials. She will move items to their proper locations if they are out of place. She will also gradually restock 4 potions of life if there are less of them.


Lysis is a large woman with long, gray hair. She has a so
Aberoth lysis

Lysis is a big picture kind of witch.

mewhat gruff demeanor, but she still fights for the side of good. She is more concerned with the "bigger battle" against evil and wants nothing to do with the Rogue resistance. Due to her personality, the other NPCs have conflicting opinions of her. Some realize that her heart is in the right place, while others just see her as a bitter old witch. Despite this controversy, Lysis is a valuable resource in the fight against evil, using her knowledge to create useful potions and allow champions to grow immensely stronger.