Light sleep is a status effect cast on the player by regular Satyrs with access to Pan Pipes. The player will be unable to move or perform any actions while in light sleep, but can be awakened by being pushed or attacked. Light sleep can be completely avoided with the applied effect of a potion of rage or by wearing an amulet of sleep resistance. The amulet provides only an 80% resistance to light sleep, however the effect can also be inflicted by players with a Wand of Sleep.


A wand of sleep


A player with many pets in his vault.


A player with his pet rabbit

Using a Wand of Sleep on a Bat, Black Bat, Rabbit, or Pink Rabbit will result in the animal falling asleep, after which the player will be able to pick it up and put it in their inventory. Keeping the sleeping creature in the inventory for a varying amount of time (starting at ten minutes for bats and rabbits and culminating in over fifteen minutes for pink rabbits) will result in the animal becoming tamed, after which the player can let it out and give it a name using the command "namepet <name>".

Please note that if you are logged off your pet will not become accustomed to you; you must be active.

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