The life skill can be learned from Lysis for 3 gold. It can be learned immediately by any named champion. Leveling the life skill gradually increases the user's maximum hit points. The increase per level is small to begin with, but grows over time to a maximum of 10 per level. The life skill is virtually essential to killing any hostile NPC aside from rogues and bats. As the life skill increases, the health bar on the right side of the screen will grow, and once it reaches the top, the whole bar will shrink, making each hit point smaller.

As well, enemy health bars can be seen until your life level exceeds theirs by more than 5 levels. A player with level 20 life will be able to see a satyr's health, because the satyr's life level is 19, but a player at level 24 life will be unable to see the health bar.

Training LifeEdit

The life skill is one of the most straightforward skills to train. Experience is awarded upon death of the enemy. Every type of enemy has a fixed amount of experience they can give and a hidden variable called the challenge rating. If your life level is higher than the challenge rating, you will only get a fraction of the experience. The percentage grows smaller as the difference grows, so it is better to fight higher level enemies. To train life at low levels it is best to kill the strongest enemy you can as fast as possible, starting with rogues, (killing rabbits and bees while healing) then moving to thieves and eventually wolves and orcs. Once orcs stop giving much experience, it is important to get as many boss kills as possible. Try to find a route that has you arriving around the times that bosses respawn. Killing satyr elders can also be a fast but risky way to train life into the higher levels.

Refocusing LifeEdit

Lysis' fee for refocusing life increases per level like any other skill. However, the rate of increase is variable at first, starting very low, then growing until a ceiling of 200 gold per level increase is reached.

Skill Level Cost Increase Per Level
1 15 15 gold
2 30
3 45
4 60
5 75 25 gold
6 100
7 125
8 150
9 175
10 200 50 gold
11 250
12 300
13 350
14 400
15 450
16 500 100 gold
17 600
18 700
19 800
20 900
21 1,000 200 gold
22 1,200
23 1,400
24 1,600
25 1,800