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Liches are a high-level mob located in the crypt within the Desert Tomb. According to legends, The Liches are what remain of the great wizards of Skaldor.

The lich is powerful; it can see invisible people with its green glowing eyes.

The lich spawns randomly from any of the coffins inside the crypt. He raises skeletons to aid him without the need of raise skeleton scroll. He also begones and teleports to you. If the lich gets close to an unopened coffin, he can open it at will. The lich can also pick up scrolls from the ground, but only when he isn't aggressive.

A good way to kill the lich is to use conceal or invisibility once he spawns. Lure him to a coffin that hasn't been opened yet. By doing this you will not get attacked by the skeletons he raises, and he won't open any of the unopened chests. If he begones you in the same room, run to the same or another unopened coffin. Lich has fairly low movement speed, so you can trap him in between coffin rooms. This is so you can deal with the rats that spawns. If he begones you outside of the coffin room, you can open the door and lure him outside. Lich uses evocation spells quickly, so be ready to take a lot of damage.

Lore Edit

"Liches are very powerful indeed. Some can cast magic without even reading scrolls."
"I've heard that liches are evil undead magic users but know little else about them."
"You'll be killed poking your nose into places you don't belong! Leave the grave robbing to those who know what they are doing."
"Liches are what remains of the great wizards Skaldor once employed."



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