Last words as seen upon the death of a PK'ed player

"You are an accomplished champion. It is time to set aside your fear of death and accept your fate with dignity and composure."

The ability to stay calm in the face of death and speak customized last words upon dying is achieved as the 700-day Membership Reward.

Setting Last WordsEdit

To set last words, use the command lastwords <my last words>. The death statement is limited to a maximum length of 49 characters.

It is also possible for a player to reference their killer in their last words. If used, the keyword mykiller will be replaced with the name of the enemy that killed the slain player.


Last Words of Player Killed by a Rogue

lastwords I will seek my revenge, mykiller! I will seek my revenge, Rogue!

Viewing Current Last WordsEdit

To view current last words, use the command lastwords.

Clearing Last WordsEdit

To clear last words, use the command lastwords clear.

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