• An empty large flask in the inventory.
  • A large flask half full, containing one charge of a potion of life.
  • A large flask completely full, containing two charges of a potion of life.
  • A large flask on the ground, empty.
"Your reputation for battling evil is known throughout the land. Lysis has offered to aid the noblest champions in their journey. Go to her at once, pledging to fight evil!"

The large flask is the 950-day membership reward. It is a container that allows the player to hold two wide flask potions as if they were one. Each half of the filled flask is drank individually. The flask can also be held in alchemist bags.

After mentioning 'fighting evil' to Tavelor, the player is redirected to Lysis who gives a quest to sell her one of each magical potion of the wide flask variety (i.e. not alcohol beverages or tall flask potions).

To fill the flask, a player can click the flask and then a potion in their inventory. If the player is only holding one potion of that variety, the flask will fill halfway, whereas it will fill completely if the player is carrying two identical potions. Clicking on the flask and then a potion on the ground will result in the filling process being cancelled. Furthermore, if the flask is empty and the player's inventory is full, attempting to pick up more potions will fill the flask.

The flask will not hold: