A player introspects about their experiences and accomplishments in Aberoth.

"It has been many years since you escaped that orc prison. Sometimes it is worthwhile to reflect upon all you have accomplished over the years."

The ability to view detailed personal statistics — or introspect — about one's accomplishments in Aberoth is achieved as the 900-day Membership Reward or can be purchased for $19.99 in The Aberoth Store..

You can get the following information by using the introspect command:
Your total wealth in gold, gems, potions, and scrolls
Number of times you have died (including number of deaths by another champion)
Number of times you have killed other champions (including percentage of justified kills)
Your newest piece of equipment (currently in inventory) and its age
Your oldest piece of equipment (currently in inventory) and its age
Your age when compared to the oldest active (logged in in the last 360 real life days) champion

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