Heavy sleep is a status effect that makes players unable to move or perform any actions. This effect is granted by the Pan Pipes played by a Satyr Elder, or the Satyr boss Forstyll. Sometimes these hostile NPCs can be seen playing the pan pipes from afar, giving players fair warning that they are at risk of heavy sleep if they get too close. Without intervention, sleeping players can suffer major loss of health and likely death from unrestrained enemy attack.

There are two ways to resist heavy sleep. Potions of Rage can be used to agitate the player, giving them complete resistance to sleep. Additionally, an Amulet of Sleep Resistance provides up to a 30% chance of resisting heavy sleep when worn.

Players experiencing heavy sleep cannot be woken up by being pushed or attacked as when experiencing light sleep. However, a player who is awake can use a Scroll of Awareness to revive other nearby players who have fallen asleep.

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