Aberoth gomald

Gomald, working hard or hardly working?

Gomald is a friendly NPC who can be found in town. He lives and works behind the top-middle door of the main hallway. He manages the local bank in order to help players protect their hard earned gold. He has recently begun to dig out underground caverns to be used as vaults.

AI BehaviorEdit

Gomald will store any gold dropped in his bank into the proper account. Although he doesn't pick up the gold right away, he records the deposit the instant the gold is dropped. He deducts any money that players pick up in the bank directly from their account. Gomald stocks three piles of gold with coin values of 1, 10, and 100. The gold piles have 10-20 coins of each denomination, and the bank stocks a minimum of 3 emeralds to a maximum of 6 emeralds. If enough gold or emeralds are picked up, Gomald will restock the bank. This process can be sped up by spamming the 'bye' command. He buys and sells gems such as emeralds and rubies to be used for large transactions (taking a small cut of the gold for himself). Gomald will also sell vaults and then vault upgrades at increasingly higher prices. There are a total of 16 stages, with the actual vault costing 500 gold and the upgrades costing approximately 1000, 1500, 2500, 4000, 6500, 10000, 15000, 25000, 40000, 65000, 100000, 150000, 250000, 400000, and 600000. The vault can also be upgraded for $10 in the store.


Gomald is an overweight and balding man in a bright gr
Aberoth gomald2

Gomald, spinning a web of lies

een outfit. Based on his interactions with the other NPCs, he seems to care a great deal about his reputation. He donates money to the rogue resistance and claims to be working to help the champions of Aberoth. Inala trusts him absolutely, saying he is an honest fellow and her friend. In reality, Gomald is a two-faced liar who cares more about gold and his reputation than doing what is right. He banks for Darklow, an exile from town, but when confronted Gomald claims ignorance. Tavelor says it best: "Gomald is on our side, but perhaps only while it is profitable."


  • If you remove 'ma' from his name, only 'gold' is left. We know what you really care about, Gomald.
  • If the player fires a Wand Of Sleep At Gomald while unfriendly, a (snore) will appear floating over his head, and players will not be able to enter their vaults or guild vaults. If they attempt to do so, instead of "Gomald escorts you to your vault/guild vault.", "No one is available to escort you to your vault/guild vault." Will appear.