Gold is the main and only currency in Aberoth. It can be used to buy items at Sholop, Darklow, Lysis or Gurun's stores, buy pearls, gems or vaults and upgrades at Gomald's, or Beverages at Tavelor's. 50,000 gold pieces in Aberoth are worth about $10.00 in real life. As Gomald says, "A good way of acquiring gold is by slaying Rogues.". You can get gold from killing any mob.

A player can carry a maximum amount of 100,000 gold pieces. If the player is carrying more than that amount, they will begin dropping them. If a player has a Coin Pouch, they can carry a maximum of 200,000 gold pieces before they start dropping them.

How To Get Gold! Edit

  1. Killing mobs.
  2. Betting with Darklow.
  3. Borrowing from Gomald.
  4. By trading with another player.
  5. There is, most of the time, hidden gold in the bat cave behind the walls, left by other players.

Commands Edit

Drop Gold Edit

Drop all the gold you are currently carrying.

Drop <amount> Edit

A shortcut and more precise way for dropping. For example, if you only want to drop 10 gold, say drop 10.

Addgold <amount> Edit

Add gold to a trade.

Flipcoin Edit

Flip a gold coin. It can land on heads or tails.

Trivia Edit

Flipping a gold coin at an unaware Satyr is a good way of luring it out of its clearing.