Glove of Healing
Glove of Healing

Defense 1
Special Magically heals 6 health per minute.
Rarity Rare
Crafting Materials Rabbit Pelt (Pink) x5
Crafter Darklow
Buy Price 2000 (2205 from Darklow)

The glove of healing is a high-tier hand-slot item. It can be crafted by Darklow if he has access to 5 pink rabbit pelts. The glove of healing only gives 1 defense, one less than the heavy leather glove, but it also magically heals 6 health per minute, both in and out of combat. This is a much closer trade-off than between the hat of healing and iron helmet. The glove of healing is primarily meant for the off-hand, but the effect does double if worn on both hands, giving 2 defense and 12 health per minute. Sholop buys gloves of healing for 279 gold and sells them for 2000, while Darklow sells them for 2205 gold.

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