Forstyll is a Satyr boss in the Forest. He can spawn in three different locations. Forstyll will be accompanied by four different satyrs in the north camp, four different satyrs in the north eastern camp, and six different satyrs in the south eastern camp. Forstyll is effectively killed by using the tree-trick. Unlike Satyr Elders, Forstyll cannot put players to sleep.

He can be distinguished from other Satyrs and Satyr Elders by his greyer appearance.

Wodon will ask you to kill Forstyll as the final quest for the Axe Skill.


Every friendly NPC in Aberoth has something to say about Forstyll.

"I don't like him at all! He once charged me a toll for 'safe passage' through the forest."
"He may not look it, but Forstyll is quite wealthy. He practically owns the entire forest!"
"He's one of those satyrs, right? Well, any friend of the wolves is no friend of mine!"
"The antics of Forstyll are legendary. He was quite a mischief maker when he was younger."
"Ah, Forstyll! He was quite merry years ago. Alas, in these troubled times he has grown serious. He feels he must protect the forest."
"Forstyll roams the forest, but only occasionally reveals himself."
"Forstyll comes to me for hard to find items. He makes it worth my while."
"That name means nothing to me, but I have been locked in here for a long time."
"Forstyll not like orcs. One time Forstyll see Gurun in forest. Forstyll play scary music! Gurun run back to cave and hide."


Melody EffectsEdit

When Forstyll uses his pan pipes, he plays different "melodies," each having different effects on either players or satyrs within the area of effect:

  • Frightful melody: Inflicts players with the status effect of fear
  • Discordant cacophony: Inflicts players with the status effect of confusion
  • Exhilarating march: Causes all nearby satyrs (including Forstyll himself) to become enraged as if they had drunk a Potion of Rage
  • Beautiful melody or Festive tune (if drunk): No effect (played randomly out of battle)
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