Forest Dagger
Forest Dagger

Attack 10
Skill Dagger
Skill Level 10
Range 2
Special When held in the same hand as a Forest Ring, attack increases to 13.
Rarity Uncommon
Drops From Satyr Elder, Forstyll
Buy Price 2000
Aberoth fdagger night

The forest dagger glows brightly at night.

The forest dagger is a powerful magical weapon and the third strongest kind of dagger. It infrequently drops from satyr elders, including Forstyll. The normal stats of the forest dagger are rather unimpressive considering its value, with 10 attack and 2 extra pixels of range. However, the forest dagger can be magically charged by using it in a heavily wooded area or wearing it on the same hand as a forest ring. While charged, the forest dagger turns bright green and its attack increases to 13.

A dagger skill of 10 is required to use the forest dagger effectively.

Sholop buys forest daggers for 279 gold and sells them for 2000, but players often trade them for more, usually for 2000 to 4000 gold.