• A player dropping the faceted stone
"Late last night, three cloaked travelers were drinking and gambling in the corner of my tavern. In the morning, I found this on the floor. I have no use for it."

The faceted stone is the 850 day membership reward. Acting as a multi-sided die upon dropping the item, it throws itself, landing and showing a random side with a particular shape on it. The stone fits in pouches.


  1. Dot
  2. Double dot
  3. Line
  4. Double line
  5. Triangle
  6. Double triangle
  7. Square
  8. Double square
  9. Pentagon
  10. Double pentagon
  11. Hexagon
  12. Double hexagon
  13. Heptagon
  14. Double heptagon
  15. Octagon
  16. Double octagon
  17. Circle
  18. Double circle.
  19. Lemniscate
  20. Double Lemniscate