Expressions are emotes which autocorrect certain text smileys and phrases.

Say Alternative Expression
:) :-) (smile)
:( :-( (frown)
:D :-D (grin)
;) ;-) (wink)
:O or :o or :0 :-O or :-o or :-0 (gasp)
:'( :'-( (cry)
lol (laugh)
idk (shrug)
:3 or :} :-3 or :-} (smirk)
:| :-| (straightface)
:'| :'-| (sniff)
:* :-* (kiss)

Sometimes mistaken for expressions, (rant) and (curse) are the results of profanity being used when the player has the profanity filter enabled. To disable, use the command profanity.

Trivia Edit

- If a player uses a certain expression too many times without stopping, a message will appear saying "You don't have the energy to make that expression."

- If a player has polymorphed into a creature that cannot speak, such as a rabbit, or a minotaur, some of these expressions are unaffected, meaning the player can still use them.

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