• Egg in inventory
  • Egg on ground

Eggs are a useful item dropped by chickens every morning. When consumed, they add a +40-hp-per-minute bonus to the bind wounds skill. They can also be thrown like snowballs. They also decay after a while, like Rat Brains (among other things).

A leather strap can hold up to 30 eggs as three eggs count as one item in the strap.

Throwing Eggs Edit

To throw an egg, the player's main hand must have no weapon on it. Then, the player must select the egg from their inventory. Finally, they must hit the attack button. Then, the egg will go flying and smack against the wall, making a (splat) sound. Once an egg has been thrown, it cannot be picked back up as it has been broken.

Trivia Edit

- When 'Egg' is said to Tavelor, he will respond with "Eggs are delicious! Just don't throw them in my tavern!".

- When 'Chicken' is said to Tavelor, he will say "Chickens are a great source of food.".