A diseased player and affected health bar

Disease is a deadly infection contracted primarily from rats in the maze. It causes the player to rapidly lose hit points until a Potion of Cure is consumed or they die.

Symptoms of disease include a blue-gray tint to the player's health bar and skin as well as chronic coughing.

Disease is contagious and can be transferred easily to nearby players. When a player infects others, they will instantly become wanted and can even gain infamy if enough innocent players die as a result. Players can tell how they contracted the disease — from a rat or another player — by reading the message that appears in the upper left part of their screen.

If a player finds they have been infected, they are best to stay out of heavily populated areas and avoid close contact with other players to prevent spreading the disease and becoming wanted. Infected players without a potion of cure on hand can always log out from a safe, isolated location to suspend the countdown to death. Then they can use an alternate account to deliver a potion of cure to the log-in spot — the entrance to the zone where they logged out.

To reduce the chance of being infected, a player can wear a disease resist amulet or use a Shield of Purification.

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