The Desert Tomb

  • One of the buttons that you need to click at the same time to open the boss's lair.
  • A player's skeleton after dying.
  • Entrance.
The Desert Tomb is a very dangerous and high level area accessible through a stone door in The Desert that can be opened only by a Skeleton Key.

It consists of triangle-shaped rooms connected by hallways. Each room has a skeleton in it. There is also a final room that consists of 6 skeletons, three skeleton wolves, and the skeleton boss Skaldor. In order to open the door to the boss room, two buttons in separate rooms must be pressed at the same time.

When a player dies in the desert tomb, a hostile skeleton spawns in their place.

During a new moon, the door to the desert tomb opens automatically and skeletons regularly exit into the desert.



The Crypt

This area is located at the bottom left of the tomb. Within it, there are skeleton rats, along with skeletons and Liches which spawn from coffins when opened.

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