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The dagger skill is learned from Darklow. He will teach the skill to a player for 2500 gold. Like with all other skills, the word "skill" must be mentioned to him. It grants accuracy with dagger type weapons - which increases chance for Solid and Critical Hit - as well as a chance to turn any type of hit into a backstab, which deals double damage.


Note: You only get the full bonus only when striking from behind; attacks from every other direction use lower chance.

Effect Gain per level
  • +1 / levels 1-10
  • +2 / levels 11-25
  • +3 / levels 26+
Backstab chance
  • +1% / levels 1+

Skill RequirementsEdit

Note: It is possible to use any weapon before reaching the skill requirement, but there is a chance of missing and dealing no damage on attack. (A “-” will appear instead of a number.) When the required skill level is reached for a weapon or a shield, the "!" next to it in the inventory will disappear, and when it is equipped, the message "This (weaponname) feels [very] uncomfortable in your hand.

Dagger Required Level
Knife --
Dagger --
Forest Dagger 10
Dark Dagger 20
Silver Dagger 30

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