The dagger skill is learned from Darklow. He will teach the skill to a player after completing a certain number of quests for him. In order to refocus this skill, you need 100 gold times your skill level to pay Darklow. Like with all other skills, the word "skill" must be mentioned to him. It grants accuracy with dagger type weapons - which increases chance for Solid and Critical Hit - as well as a chance to turn any type of hit into a backstab, which deals double damage.


Note: You only get the full bonus only when striking from behind; attacks from every other direction use lower chance.

Effect Gain per level
  • +1 / levels 1-10
  • +2 / levels 11-25
  • +3 / levels 26+
  • +4 / levels 41+
Backstab chance
  • +1% / levels 1+

Skill RequirementsEdit

Note: It is possible to use any weapon before reaching the skill requirement, but there is a chance of missing and dealing no damage on attack. (A “-” will appear instead of a number.) When the required skill level is reached for a weapon or a shield, the "!" next to it in the inventory will disappear, and when it is equipped, the message "This (weaponname) feels [very] uncomfortable in your hand.

Dagger Required Level
Knife --
Dagger --
Forest Dagger 10
Dark Dagger 20
Silver Dagger 30