Chickens are an NPC that can be found outside of Lysis' hut in the Grassy Field.


Chickens of Aberoth

Chickens have three color varieties: black, brown, and white. Their main use comes from their laying of eggs every morning.

Players must be unfriendly in order to attack a chicken. Hitting them or using a wand of sleep on them will get you wanted as they are actually Lysis' property.

Chickens can be pushed into town, but they can't be taken into a vault as they can't be picked up or captured.

Chickens have between 7 to 10 Hit Points.

Trivia Edit

  • When Tavelor is prompted with 'Chicken' he will say "Chickens are a great source of food.".
  • When Tavelor is prompted with 'Egg' he will say "Eggs are delicious! Just don't throw them in my tavern!".
  • Players are able to randomly transform into a chicken using a polymorph potion.

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