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Champions are the humans in Aberoth who paid 1 gold to name themselves to become champions. Players are referred to as 'Champions'.

Champions start with no gear and they escape from an orcish prison. Warning! You will have to be quick to escape as if you get stuck in an area, your captor, the orc will kill you.

You will arrive in the starting field with animals (rabbits, bees, bats) and plants. You will then see a huge castle type of building. Once you enter, you will be warmly greeted by Inala, a blue dressed lady who will help you throughout your quests. She is also the NPC that grants champions the Bind Wounds Skill. You will see different areas in this building with many different NPCs that are willing to help you.

Benefits: Edit

Champions are allowed to name themselves.

All champions are able to obtain a variety of Skills that help their playing experience in multiple ways. A champion is granted access to Tavelor's tavern, a place to engrave items or drink some beers. Champions are able to complete quests for different NPCs Champions are allowed access to creating their own personal vault for storing their items collected on their journey.