Casting Sash
Casting Sash

Defense 6
Slots 6 slots (max of 3 non-scroll items)
Special 10% chance to save scrolls upon casting.
Rarity Rare
Drops From Grand Shaman
Buy Price 3500

The casting sash is a rare drop from the Grand Shaman. It gives a defense of 6, and it has 6 inventory slots; any of these slots can be used to store scrolls however the wearer can only store 3 non-scroll items with the sash. When worn, any scrolls used have a 10 percent chance of not being used up. Sholop will buy them for 423 gold and sell them for 3500 gold, Darklow will buy them for 388 gold and sell them for 3855 gold, though they are worth much more to players. The average price of this item for players is about 20,000 gold.

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