Bone Shield
Bone Shield

Attack 5
Defense 15
Skill Shield
Skill Level 20
Range 2
Special Resistant to sharp weapons.
Rarity Very Rare
Crafting Materials Human Skull x1, Wolf Femur x6, Human Hip x5, Leather Strap x2
Crafter Sholop
Buy Price 5000

The bone shield is a high-tier defensive weapon. It is crafted by Sholop using 6 wolf femurs, 5 human hips, 1 human skull, and 2 leather straps. It gives 15 defense points and 5% sharp resistance. To guarantee successful use of the shield, a Shield Skill of level 20 is required.

Sholop sells the bone shield for 4500 gold , however they will go for much more on the player market due to it's extreme rarity. 

By combining the shield with a pair of gems, it can be upgraded by Darklow into other variations: