• The blue bee in its natural environment
  • The blue bee in a player's inventory

The Blue Bee is a rare version of the Bee. It can usually be found enjoying flowers in the Grassy Field. There can only be one Blue Bee at a time and it respawns after about 5 to 10 minutes. Although on a full moon, there can be 2 Blue bees at once. The Blue Bee is faster than its normal counterpart, but still slower than players. It has 16 hit points and 1 defense. It is also immune to disease.


The Blue Bee will sometimes drop a Blue Bee shell. It also drops about 10 gold.


The Blue Bee can be difficult to kill due to its small hitbox and high speed. The easiest way to kill it is to line up with it horizontally and chase it in a straight line. Do not pass the bee or it will change directions.

Drop Chance Edit

Aberoth shell inv
Blue Bee



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