BlackBatCave 2016Expansion

The black bat cave is located to the southwest of town and just northeast of the orc cave entrance in the stony field. It is home to bats, black batsvampire bats, and Gurun. In common realms, players can use the Orb Room to travel to different realms.

New players should be careful when venturing deep into the black bat cave. The walls in the caverns are high in certain areas and can hide bats from sight. Even when bats are visible, the narrow passages make it more difficult to run from these enemies when hit points are low.

The black bat cave is a good place for new but advancing players to improve their fighting skills and gain more substantial amounts of gold in the process. The black bat can drop as many as eight gold coins — more than most other non-humanoid NPCs encountered early on. Also, the high cavern walls can often conceal valuable items left behind by other champions, like gold, bat ears, and bat wings.

Vampire BatEdit

The vampire bat spawns both in and near an upper chamber of the black bat cave as well as outside the cave entrance during new moons. This makes the black bat cave a dangerous area for all low-level players and some mid-level players as well.

Orb RoomEdit

Players can travel to different realms from this area by hitting the specific realm orbs floating in the room. The color of each orb corresponds with the color of the realm and its school of scrollsMembers who have a well-rested level of 10 percent or more can travel at any time, but non-members must wait until a realm orb is glowing.


Gurun, the friendly orc, maintains a collection of potions and scrolls for sale in the black bat cave. Players seeking the Blunt skill need to visit him here to receive his numerous quests.

Secret Rooms Edit

By teleporting in certain areas in the cave, players have a chance of appearing in one of the two secret rooms, one being circle-shaped, and one being triangle-shaped. These could possibly represent the Shapes of arcane and common realm orbs. Originally, it was rumored that there were gems hidden in these rooms, but the rumor was debunked later on.

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