The skill of binding wounds is taught by Inala after clearing the stony field of orcs. It is the only skill that is taught and refocused for free. Leveling bind wounds will increase the rate at which you regenerate hit points outside of combat.

The skill does not particularly increase combat strength, but it does make it faster to heal between fights, allowing the user to kill things more quickly overall. It is important to level as the life skill increases, as the base rate of healing does not increase on its own.

At low levels of bind wounds it may be a good idea to carry a hat of healing, wearing it between fights to quickly recover. As the life skill increases this strategy becomes less effective and the bind wounds skill becomes more important.


Gain per level
  • +1 hp/min / levels 1 - 5
  • +2 hp/min / levels 6+

Training Bind WoundsEdit

Bind wounds is a peculiar skill to train because it is actually preferable to take more damage. Experience is awarded when you first recover health from bind wounds after taking damage from a hostile NPC (magical healing such as from the hat of healing and potions of life do not award experience, but they can allow you to take more damage before you have to heal).

There are three factors that determine the amount of experience: the amount of damage taken, the challenge rating of the enemy, and your own skill level in bind wounds. The base amount of experience is determined by how much damage you have taken since healing. Every type of enemy has its own challenge rating. As long as this number is higher than your bind wounds skill, you will receive full experience. As the bind wound skill gets higher than the challenge rating, the amount of experience will diminish more and more.

Each individual can only give a certain amount of bind wounds experience so it is not an effective strategy to let it hit you, run away, heal up and repeat. The best strategy for training bind wounds is to find the strongest enemy you can kill. Let it do as much damage to you as possible, killing it just before it kills you. Heal up and repeat.