Beer is a low level beverage. It can be bought at Tavelor's tavern and frequently drops from satyrs. Beer is useful for training drinking level and increasing drunkenness by one level. Drinking beer is a guaranteed success with a drinking level of 2. Tavelor sells beer for 10 gold and buys for 5 gold.

A hidden attribute of beer is that the more you consume, the more courageous you become! As you get more and more intoxicated, your resistance to the fear spell increases up to the point of 100%. If the spell's effect fails you get the message "You feel slightly nervous."

Some NPCs also like to drink beer, and will drink it if you leave one in front of them and run away. Rogues, Orcs, Thieves and others will get drunk, and say different things when they are hit or they die, instead of what they would normally say when they were sober. Satyrs and Satyr Elders spawn with Beer and will sometimes drink it themselves. Note: Not all NPCs have enough skill to drink Absinthe or Stout Beer, in case you are trying to get them drunk too.

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