The axe is trained by Wodon after earning his trust. It is one of the more difficult skill to learn due to the fact that the quests to get it are generally long and difficult in nature requiring you to collect knives and daggers and eventually tasking you to kill satyrs, satyr elders and finally Forstyll. It is also expensive to refocus, costing 150 gold per level. Training this skill raises your accuracy with all types of axes (not to be confused with the specific weapon, axe), increasing your chance to deal Solid and Critical Hits, as well as increasing your critical hit damage with axes by 1% per level. It is also required to be able to use high level axes effectively.


Effect Gain per level
  • +1 / levels 1-10
  • +2 / levels 11-25
  • +3 / levels 26+
  • +4 / levels 41+
Critical hit damage
  • +1% / levels 1+

Skill RequirementsEdit

Note: It is possible to use certain axes before reaching the skill requirement, but there is a chance of dealing no damage on attack. (A - will appear instead of a number indicating how much damage the hit dealt.) The required skill level is the level that the exclamation mark '!' next to the weapon while in the inventory disappears. The message "This (weaponname) feels [very] uncomfortable in your hand." will also disappear.

Axe Required Level
Hatchet --
Axe --
Large Axe --
Minotaur Axe 20

Training AxeEdit

Although acquiring the axe skill can take a long time it is fairly straightforward to train. Everytime you kill an enemy with an axe you gain exp in the axe skill based on your skill level, the difficulty of the enemy you are killing, the level requirement of the axe you are using, and the damage dealt to the enemy with an axe class weapon, as in more experience will be gained the more damage is dealt to an enemy when it finally dies. At lower skill levels simply killing rogues and thieves will move the exp bar rather quickly while at higher levels killing those same enemies will barely move the exp bar at all. Therefore as the skill increases so must your willingness to kill increasingly difficult enemies to gain any sort of reasonable experience. It is a good idea to acquire higher level axes once you can use them as it will boost the experience reward substantially.