Archenemies are declared opponents that can attack and kill each other without penalty.

Any player with a Life skill of at least 10 may pick exactly one other player to be their archenemy. Archenemies' names will appear orange to each other, and either player may attack their opponent at any time without becoming wanted or gaining infamy. A player must go unfriendly in order to attack an archenemy.

If a player's archenemy has also picked them as their archenemy, both players' names will appear red to each other, and they may attack each other at will.

Declaring an ArchenemyEdit

To declare an archenemy, a player must use the command archenemy <player name>. It takes one in-game week (17 hours real time) for a new archenemy to become active.

If a player clicks on someone with an orange name, it will reveal that person's archenemy status (if any) and if they have killed the player recently.

Undeclaring an ArchenemyEdit

Using the command unarchenemy will instantly clear the current archenemy. Players may change their archenemy only once per in-game week. All archenemy declarations will take one in-game week to become active.

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