The amulet of disease resistance is a crafted neck-slot item. It is made by Lysis when she has access to at least 1 rat tooth and 3 rat pelts, although it is possible for her to use up to 12 rat teeth on an amulet. Lysis randomly makes the different varieties of this item. Dropping 12 teeth does not guarantee the creation of a twelve tooth amulet. It occurs by chance, making the twelve tooth amulet one of the rarest items in the game

The amulet of disease resistance increases the players resistance to disease contracted from rats in the Maze. Each tooth equals 5% resistance for a maximum of 60% disease resistance (12 teeth).

Number of Teeth Pictures Disease Resistance (%) Lysis Buy/Sell Price 
1 Singletoothdis Diseaseres1ground 5 60/250
2 Diseaseres2inv Diseaseres2ground 10 100/500
3 Diseaseres3inv Diseaseres3ground 15 135/750
4 Amuletofdiseaseresistance4 Diseaseres4ground 20 167/1000
5 Diseaseres5inv Diseaseres5ground 25 197/1250
6 Diseaseres6inv Diseaseres6ground 30 226/1500
7 Diseaseres7inv Diseaseres7ground 35 253/1750
8 Diseaseres8inv Diseaseres8ground 40 279/2000
9 Diseaseres9inv Diseaseres9ground 45 330/2500
10 Diseaseres10inv Diseaseres10ground 50 377/3000
11 Diseaseres11inv Diseaseres11ground 55 467/4000
12 Amuletofdiseaseresistance12 Diseaseres12ground 60 551/5000

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