• A player wearing an alchemist's belt
  • The four kinds of alchemist's belts in a player's inventory
  • The four kinds of alchemist's belts on the ground

The alchemist's belt is a mid-tier waist-slot item. It has four different versions that drop from alchemists and the Master Alchemist with the 3-slot belt dropping frequently and the 6-slot belt dropping quite rarely. The various belts can hold the corresponding amount of potions and beverages but no other items. All alchemist's belts give 3 defense. They are also used by Sholop to craft the correspondingly sized alchemist's bags.

Sholop buys the belts for 51, 68, 85, and 100 gold and sells them for 200, 300, 400, and 500 from smallest to largest, but some high level players may be willing to pay a few thousand for the 6-slot alchemist's belt due to its rarity and use in making 6-slot alchemist's bags.