"While adventuring, do not always focus on the goal ahead, but look around you. You might be surprised by what you find!"

The ability to automatically collect unclaimed gold is achieved as the 100-day Membership Reward, or can be purchased in The Aberoth Store for $4.99.

All players can automatically collect gold from enemies they have killed. However, the advanced autogold skill allows players to automatically collect gold that has been dropped by enemies or players and then left unclaimed for a period of two minutes (real time). Gold will be collected slowly as the player walks or stands by it.

This ability is good for collecting gold that is hidden behind walls or other objects. It also can be used to tell if other players have been in the area recently. If unclaimed gold can't be picked up automatically by the skill, it is from a kill made less than two minutes ago (real time).

Advanced autogold doesn't work in Gomald's bank or in personal or guild vaults. It can be turned off at any time by using the autogold command to disable all automatic gold collection.

The Membership Quest given to the player to collect it is "You overheard Tavelor talking about lost treasure."

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