The Aberoth Store is a store located online where anyone playing the game can purchase extra features, including Membership, Name Changes, And Player Customizations.

Purchasable Memberships. Edit

Length Of Membership Price Other Bonuses
3 Months. $9.99 ($3.33 Per Month.). One Player Customization.
6 Months. $14.99 ($2.50 Per Month.). Two Player Customizations.
1 Year. $19.99 ($1.67 Per Month.). Three Player Customization And One Vault Upgrade.
2 Years. $29.99 ($1.25 Per Month.). Four Player Customizations And Two Vault Upgrades.

Other Products. Edit

Name Price Description
Name Change. $14.99. This purchase allows you to change the name of your character. A list of name changes is available Here.
Automatic Gold Pickup. $4.99. The ability to automatically collect unclaimed gold.
Shop and Bank Discount. $9.99. As The Name suggests, a discount in shops in The Town.
Vault Inventory. $14.99. The ability to take vault inventory.
Introspection. $19.99. The ability to view detailed personal statistics — or introspect — about one's accomplishments in Aberoth.

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