Hello! Welcome to the Aberoth Item Selling Center! Here you can post offers for items you are selling. Remember to also say your player name and your realm! If you would like to buy something, tell the player in the comments! UPDATE: Say the status of the trade, for sellers only. Statuses: On, (realmname). = The trade is on, an player can go to that realm and trade/buy the item. If there is no realm, say On, Any Realm. Completed = The trade had been completed. (We keep a list of all the trades as a database.) Reserved to (buyername) in (realmname). = The trade is set to happen, but the buyer either doesn't have enough money and is getting it, or is trying to farm an item for the trade. DO NOT PUT OFFERS FOR ITEMS YOU DON'T HAVE! Once again, if there is no set realm, say Any Realm. Once the trade is completed, or the buyer cancels the trade, mark it with Open. Finally, if you are putting an ad looking for something to buy, there's no need to put a status. Thanks!

Player Name: What you are buying/selling/trading: Realm: Status: Edit

Commodore: Buying Ring Of Defense Mk. 5. Ill pay between 4 and 5k.

Commodore (Again!) Buying Pink Rabbit Pelts (5 Of Them.) To craft Glove Of Healing. If a Glove Of Healing is directly available, I don't want it, I'd like to buy the pelts. No status.

Commodore: Selling a Potion of Charging, for 3-4k, considering its rarity and difficulty to craft. (Mino Hoof And Speed Potion.) I'll also accept items. White Realm Or Orb Room. Open.

Siegmund: Selling and trading off various items: (BB shells/shields, Minotaur Axe, Wolf pelts, Heavy leather gloves, Traveler + Alchemist belts, Potions, Scrolls, keys): Red and Arcane Realms. Open

☀ Mrcandyman: Selling ww pelt for Gram items or gold (or other goodies) i am playing at Cyan

flix: white i wanna buy a f dag 4 a reasonable price

NECROTIC: Selling Minotaur Axe, and SS, for irl money. (your offer): Arcane of life, cyan, arcane of power, orb room::: ON

Dolor: Buy Forest ring --> 10k : white : ON


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