This is a list of useful commands one can use in Aberoth. Also see Aberoth Help .

Personal CommandsEdit


Turns your screen black and white, enabling the game to use less resources.

archenemy <player name> / unarchenemy
Designates a player as your archenemy, while unarchenemy clears their archenemy status. You may only have one archenemy at a time, and can kill your archenemy without penalty.

Displays the name of your archenemy.

Activates build mode. (Makes you move one pixel at a time.)

Activates automatic run mode. The player will move in the direction of the previously pressed movement key until they exit their area, when it will stop working and it will have to be typed again.

Activates automatic fight mode. The player will continuously attack until they exit their area.

Become a champion, which requires you to collect one gold coin, after which you can name your character.

friendly / unfriendly
Disables or enables the ability to attack other friendly players.

Hides your name from other players.

goatee / shave
Grow or shave a goatee (male players only) after completing the 200 day membership quest.

growhair / cuthair
Grow or cut hair on player's head (female players only) after completing the 200 day membership quest.

Toggles keyboard hotkeys for belt slots.

ignore <player name> / unignore <player name>
Ignores or unignores a player. You can also ignore or unignore everyone and no one.

Lists the players you are currently ignoring.

makecamp / logoff / logout / save
Safely log out of Aberoth. The danger of your current environment determines how long you have to wait to be logged out safely. Logging out in safe areas like town takes the shortest amount of time (around 3 seconds) and displays a "Making camp" message as the game saves. Logging out of the game in more dangerous areas like the maze takes considerably longer and displays a "Planning your escape" message instead.

Changes your password.

Toggles the profanity filter on and off.

shownames / hidenames
Show or hide the names of the players around you.

sleep / afk
Go to sleep. This command lowers both arms, gives -1 defense, and displays the flashing message "(zzz)" over your head. This command is popularly misunderstood and abused as a means of resting for fast HP recovery when it is simply the act of standing still for 10 or more seconds.

volume up / + / volume down / -
Adjusts the game volume in the appropriate direction along the scale: Off, Quietest, Quieter, Quiet, Normal, Loud, Louder, Loudest


Displays the achievements you have currently completed, and the ones that have not been completed, with a percentage showing how close you are to completing them.

Vault Commands Edit

invite <player name>
Invites other players into your vault by having them follow you in. Players cannot pick up items from your vault unless they are on your current list of players allowed to do so.
Note: See vaulttrust.

Takes general inventory of all items in a player's personal or guild vault. Requires vault inventory skill.

vaultinventory <item category>
Takes specific inventory of a particular type of item (weapons, scrolls, potions, etc.) in a player's personal or guild vault. Requires vault inventory skill.

vaulttrust <player name> / unvaulttrust <player name>
Allows or disallows another player to take items from your vault.

Shows a current list of players allowed to take items from your vault.


New update where people in their vaults do not have to stress about breaking their structures accidentally. Players can now use the command " secure " to prevent misclicks on vault structures. When the "secure" command is issued in a vault, any structure that the player is standing on will be secured. Once a structure is secured, any attempt to pick up any item from the structure gives an extra warning (which can be overridden by clicking multiple times on the same item).


Update says that " You may unsecure structures with the "unsecure" command. Gold may not be secured. In guild vaults, only the guild leader and players one rank below the leader may secure and unsecure structures. Note that securing structures offers no real extra protection for the secured items, and only prevents structures from being destroyed by misclicks. Be aware that very large structures that have depth may actually be multiple structures, so you will need to use the command several times to protect all of the structures. "

Equipment CommandsEdit

As an alternative to right clicking to drop equipment, these commands are available to explicitly drop a piece of equipment without clicking.

drop hat / drop helmet

drop right glove

drop left glove

drop right hand

drop left hand

drop belt

drop right foot

drop left foot

drop all equipped

Coin CommandsEdit

drop gold
Drop all of your gold.

drop <number of gold coins>
Drops a specific amount of gold coins. To drop 50 gold coins, for example, one would type "drop 50."

flipcoin / tosscoin / coinflip / cointoss
Flips a coin. This is mainly used as a fair way to split drops among parties consisting of 2 or more players, although it is not unheard of for it to be used as a means of gambling.
Note: One must have at least one gold coin to perform this command.

Enables or disables the ability to pick up gold coins automatically. Enabled by default.

Trade CommandEdit

trade <player name>

once saying "trade" you can drop items safely or say addgold to add your items into the trade, once satisfied with the trade you can say accept which will finish the trade if both players say the command.

Ally CommandsEdit

ally <player name>
Allies a player which allows you to see their health bar during combat and prevents you from engaging in combat with them outside of dueling.

Shows a list of players you are currently allied to.

unally <player name>
Unallies a player that is currently allied.

tempally <player name>
Will temporarily ally you with someone. After logging off for at least 15 minutes, the next time you log on all of your temporary allies will be cleared. Temporary allies have a star next to their name in your allies list. When becoming temporary allies, the person you ally with will not be informed that you are allying them temporarily.

Duel CommandsEdit

duel <player name>
Challenges a player to a duel. The other player must accept the challenge in order for the duel to begin. The duel ends when one player reaches 10 percent of their maximum hit points. Although dueling is a relatively safe way to compete with other players, it should be noted you are vulnerable to player killers if you are on the losing end of a duel as you will only have very low health. Also of note is the fact that the poison status can be carried over after the end of a duel, which can be especially dangerous if the losing player is poisoned.

duel <player name> <number of gold coins>
Exactly the same as the duel command except that both players wager an agreed upon amount gold that the winner gets to keep.

Guild CommandsEdit

guildabdictateleadership <name>
Turn over leadership of your guild to someone else.

guildabdictateleadership noreplacement
Resign as a leader of your guild without replacement.

Accept an offer to join someone's guild.

Request that Tavelor engrave items with your guild name.

Display information about your guild.

guildinvite <name>
Invite someone to join your guild.

guildinviterank <x>
Sets the guild rank required to invite or remove other guild members. If <x> is not specified, shows current rank required.

Display the motto of your guild.

guildmotto <newmotto>
Set the motto of your guild. Mottos are limited to 100 characters.

guildmotto none
Clears your guild motto.

guildname <name>
Try out a name for your guild. You may do this as many times as you like until the name is finalized.

Make your guild name permanent.

Toggle your guild privacy. Public guild may be viewed from the guild Champions page . Changes may take up to 15 minutes to take effect.

guildpromote <name>, guilddemote <name>
Promote or demote a member of your guild.

guildpromoterank <x>
Sets the guild rank required to promote or demote other guild members. If X is not specified, shows current rank required.

Leave your guild.

guildranks <x>
Sets the number of ranks in the guild has from 2 to 8. If <x> is not specified, shows current ranks.

guildrank<x> <title>
Set the title of a guild rank for your guild where <x> is 1(leader) to 8(observer).

guildremove <name>
Removes a member of your guild.

If there is no leader, promote yourself to leader of your guild.

guildwar <guildname>
Declare a guild war with a specied guild.

guildpeace <guildname>
End a guild war with a specified guild.

Display the current wars of your guild.

New Update where guild leaders may now set guild vault doors to automatically close by standing next to the door and issuing the command "autoclose".

guildpickuprank <x>
Sets the required rank a guild member must have to pick up anything in the guild vault.

guildlootlimit <x>
Sets the maximum number of items a guild member can remove from the guild vault in one Aberoth Day. The guild leader is unaffected by this limit.

Pet CommandsEdit

namepet <name>
Assigns a name to your unnamed pet.

The following commands accept an optional space separated list of pet names. If no pet name is entered, all pets you control within range will obey.

stay <pet name>
Makes your pet stay still.

heel <pet name>
Makes your pet follow you.

attack <pet name>
Makes your pet attack unfriendly players.

Statistic CommandsEdit

Displays or hides your Attack, Defense, and Gold details.

Displays the skills you have acquired along with their levels, effects, and the current percent to the next skill level.

Displays your resistance to effects, such as being slept and getting diseased.

Displays your current quests in order of difficulty along with how close you are to completing them.

Displays your current level of infamy which is affected by player killing.

Displays which spell you are currently training along with its level and percent chance to cast perfectly.

Displays your membership duration and expiration date as well as time until next membership quest.

NPC CommandsEdit

All NPC's Edit

hello / hey / hi
Use this to greet an NPC.

Request the time of day from any NPC. Gurun, Magerlin and Darklow will not give you the time.

Inquire about the current moon phase.

Inquire about any possible quests an NPC may have.

Buy or refocus a skill.

Use it to end dialogue with an NPC.

NPC: InalaEdit

Lysis / Sholop / Gomald / Tavelor / Darklow
Displays information about the respective NPCs

Boots / Shoes / Helmet / Shield
Displays information about defence

Kiss / Love / Help / Emerald / Ring / Magic / Sell / Pet / Bugs / Spider
Displays a unique response

Context SensitiveEdit

Rogue / Ratingar / Wolf / Orc / Shaman
Gives different responses depending on the status of the quest related to the respective enemies.
Depending on how many quests you've done for her, she will react differently to vulgar statements. You may or may not have to apologize before she will talk to you again.

NPC: LysisEdit

Inala / Sholop / Gomald / Rogue / Ratingar
Tells you she isn't concerned with the villagers and she fears a far greater evil.

Darklow / Magerlin / Tavelor
Displays information about the respective NPCs

Wolf / Orc / Satyr
Displays information about the respective enemies

Potion / Magic / Evil / Origin / Rabbit / Pelt / Leather / Jewelry / Emerald / Pet
Displays a unique response

NPC: Gomald Edit

drop gold
Drop all gold coins in Gomald's bank to have them deposited into your bank account.

drop <number of gold coins>
Drop a specific amount of gold coins in Gomald's bank to have them deposited into your bank account.

Buy or upgrade your vault.

Displays a list of all players currently in the vault.

help / deposit / withdrawal / bank
Displays help on how to use the bank

Inala / Tavelor / Lysis / Sholop / Darklow
Displays information about Gomald's relationship with the respective NPCs

Rogue / Ratingar / Orc / Wolf / Satyr
Displays information on the respective enemies

Any item name / Emerald / Gold / Magic / Bar / Account / Like / Job / Sorry / Do / Pet
Displays a unique message

NPC: TavelorEdit

Displays a list of all players currently online in the current realm.

Displays a list of all players currently online in other realms.

seen / recent
Displays a list of all players that have been online at one point during the day.

Practice / World / Drink / Buy / Sell / Water / Food / Help / Lost / Found / Pet / Dinner / Supper / Idea / Greater / Purpose / Bar
Displays a unique response from Tavelor

Inala / Gomald / Sholop / Lysis / Darklow
Displays information about Tavelor's relationship with the respective NPCs.

Rogue / Ratingar / Wolf / Orc / Satyr
Displays information about the respective enemies.

Beer / Stout / Absinthe / Potion
Displays information about the respective drinks

Context SensitiveEdit

Emerald / Ring / Hair / Key
Displays information about membership quests if you are have been a member long enough. If you haven't been a member long enough, he gives a different response.
New Update on Tavelor's message board:
"A mysterious wizard visited Tavelor's tavern, and cast a powerful spell on his message board. The message board is now magical, and all messages posted to it are available in all realms. Guild message boards are still separate and do not share messages with Tavelor's message board."